Ratings & Reviews


The PamperMy.Pet Review and Rating System allows members to share their personal experience with the service provided by a caregiver, and then rate that experience. Members who have booked a caregiver and received a service are permitted to submit a public review up to 14 days after the meeting occurred. Reviews should be accurate and relevant to the experience. Be honest and descriptive when writing your review - everyone appreciates a sincere and helpful opinion.


Caregivers appreciate when you ‘rate’ your experiences during your sessions, because it helps give them an idea of what worked, what didn’t work, and how they can improve their service.


Reviews are critical for helping PamperMy.Pet to grow as a credible and trustworthy community and are especially valuable for locals who want to build their reputation and experience. By reviewing your experiences with our members, you enable the community to make more informed decisions.


Here are the steps you’ll need to take to leave a review and rating:


(1) From the Caregiver Detail Page, navigate to their PamperMy.Pet profile page

(2) On the profile page, locate the “Reviews tab” and select the name of the service you booked

(3) Write your review and select a rating.

(4) Tap on the number of stars you would like to award the caregiver with. The more stars, the more successful the appointment was!


PamperMy.Pet does not generally interfere with review content left by members. In extremely rare circumstances, PamperMy.Pet may censor, temporarily hide, or remove review content if it violates our Review Guidelines.


Review Guidelines


A review may be censored, temporarily hidden, or removed in the following cases:


  • We are served with a court or law enforcement order to remove the review

  • The review entirely reflects the experience of someone other than the author

  • The review discloses private contact information, medical condition, or legal circumstance

  • The review is false, in a meaningful way, according to information in the PamperMy.Pet system

  • The review is anonymous. For example, left from a blank profile that was created only in order to leave the review.

  • There has been no direct interaction, either offline or over the PamperMy.Pet system, between the person writing the review and the person receiving it.

  • There are multiple reviews for the same listing from the same member. In this case, we will retain the first review left.


If you've received a reference that falls under the above cases, please email support@pampermy.pet. When contacting the Trust and Safety Team, you, the reporter, should provide the false statement, and details of the exact location of the evidence within the PamperMy.Pet website.


Note: PamperMy.Pet is generally unable to verify the accuracy of reviews describing offline interactions, and only acts when a violation of this policy has occurred. PamperMy.Pet members can only report reviews left on their own profile. PamperMy.Pet staff reserves the right to remove any review that undermines the integrity of the Review System.